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Our Pre-Kindergarten program concentrates on kindergarten readiness.  Structure is very important at this age.  Our goal is for all pre-kindergarten children to be able to master the alphabet through sight and sound, which in large part is accomplished through phonics.  Mathematically, they should be able to recognize and understand the concept of numbers, recognized size relationships, and grasp conservation, such as two things being equal which do not necessarily appear to be equal.  (ex. a whole apple equals the same as the same apple sliced up.)


Language & Literacy

Each day, we focus on age-appropriate literacy objectives, including letter recognition, letter sounds, and emerging writing skills.  Children are well on their way to becoming fluent in reading and writing.

Curriculum Enrichment Program

All students in our Pre-K classes participate in our Curriculum Enrichment Program.  Students engage in weekly lessons in Spanish, Music, Creative Drama, and Art.  Exposing children to works by master artists and then asking them to create their own interpretation inspires children to find their own unique voice.

Science & Discovery
Our Pre-K Features
  • Preparation for Kindergarten and future success in school

  • Whole-group activities to develop social skills

  • Development of a stronger vocabulary through letters and words

  • Independent, creative learning through hands-on experiences

  • Daily communication between teachers and parents keep you informed about your child’s day


Our Pre-K math concepts go much further than math workbooks or worksheets.  Our objective is to teach children meaningful math vocabulary as they learn to apply abstract concepts to concrete objects, rather than simply memorizing facts.  Children use tools such as blocks, Popsicle sticks, and even food to learn counting, number recognition, and shapes.  

Your child’s mind for science will become stronger though hands-on experiences when he or she learns to predict results, test ideas, and draw conclusions.  As an explorer in this new world, your child will examine and use various tools of discovery.

Dunkin Academy - Teaching FUN-damentals!

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