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Its miraculous how the tiniest of minds are so impressionable and are stimulated through a positive, nurturing environment. Their basic needs are met first and foremost, and then social behavior begins to develop through play and interaction. Gross motor development is encouraged through climbing, pushing, and running as they age, and simple concepts such as colors, shapes, and numbers are taught.


Infants are unique and have their own patterns for play, feeding and sleeping. We use their patterns as our guide to introduce your child to daily activities that prepare your infant for life. Our attentive and caring teachers offer a nurturing and creative environment for infants to develop their bodies and minds. We are committed to making this first transition away from home comfortable and natural for you and your child

When your child achieves that crucial milestone of learning to walk, its a whole new world! They walk, they talk, and they begin to develop relationships with each other. Your toddler has so many things he or she wants to see and do, and we’ll be there to guide your child every step of the way. They continue to learn through sensory experiences that enhance their cognitive, language, motor, and social skills. They turn ideas into sentences to better express themselves, and practice the value of sharing and cooperation through group play. Children at this stage start to develop friendships and gain confidence as they use their words and thoughts to interact with others. Our goal at this stage is to prepare your child for our unique Early Foundations program, which will continue to build upon these simple cognitive, language, motor, and social skills.

Dunkin Academy - Teaching FUN-damentals!

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