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At Dunkin Academy, we concentrate on an active and fun learning readiness program. Through the use of creative teaching strategies, we prepare children to enter kindergarten, and have a fulfilling, successful academic career.


Our curriculum engages children in every aspect of human growth and development. We work on the cognitive and physical as well as the social development of the child. Learning begins very early for all children. Our program centers on reading, writing, language development, math, and science.


Meet Our Team


Dunkin Academy Preschools were founded in 1982 by Jim and Connie Dunkin. It was the Dunkins' passion and desire to share the love of Christ with children and families, and in doing so, to create a learning environment for children that truly prepared them for elementary school and their future academic careers.  


Jim Dunkin was the first director at the original Dunkin Academy location.   Mr. Dunkin received his Bachelor of Arts in History and his teaching certificate in Secondary Education, specializing in History, Sociology, and Earth Sciences with graduate work in Early Childhood Education from the University of Memphis and the University of North Texas.  His wife, Connie Dunkin, received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Texas Woman’s University and holds teaching certificates in Early Childhood Education, Kindergarten, Special Education and Elementary Education.  The passion and educational expertise the Dunkin's brought to the table led Dunkin Academy to be the premier early childhood educational institution in the East Dallas area.

John Dunkin began working for his parents as a teenager, and knew that young children and their education were his passion.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education, along with accompanying teaching certificate from Texas A&M University.  He now runs the day-to-day operations of the company, working directly with each location's administration to ensure a quality program.

Tiffany Dunkin is the wife of John Dunkin, who came to work for Dunkin Academy in 2015. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Education from the University of Texas at Austin, and taught high school theatre for four years. She now brings her real-life teaching expertise and passion for curriculum instruction to Dunkin Academy, ensuring the educational programs are above industry standards and not only meet but exceed the Texas Pre-Kindergarten guidelines.

Dunkin Academy - Teaching FUN-damentals!

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